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Welcome to HashKey Pro API
欢迎使用 HashKey Pro API

Following functions can be implemented easily with API:

Please read HashKey Pro API Introduction before using API.

Please read Introduction to Preview Environment for details of HashKey Pro API preview environment.

Please sign in and visit "User Center - API Interface" to manage your API-KEY.

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通过 API 可以快速实现以下功能:

操作前请您务必阅读 HashKey Pro 程序化交易接入说明

想了解 HashKey Pro 程序化交易预览环境,请您阅读预览环境接入说明

请登录 并访问 “个人中心 - API接口” 以管理您的 API-KEY。

常见问题请参考 FAQ

1. HashKey Pro API Introduction
 HashKey Pro 程序化交易接入说明

2. API Specification

API Specification ^API说明文档 v4.3.2

API Specification ^API说明文档 v4.3.2

3. Sample Code